I look forward to teaching you at our upcoming workshop!


Virtual Truffle Making Workshop

  • Class Date: 11/19/23
  • Class Time: 10am EDT
  • Link (via Google Meet): https://meet.google.com/kvi-qppm-thv (only registered attendees will be admitted)
  • Kitchen tools you will need:
    • 2x Microwave safe bowls
    • 2x Spatulas (silicone is best, but wood or metal work too)
    • 2x Tablespoon measuring spoon (Use a teaspoon in a pinch)
    • ¼ Cup measuring cup
    • Space in the freezer or fridge for those bowls
    • Tablespoon (preferably metal)
    • 2x Parchment paper rectangles
  • Ingredients not included in the kit and required:
    • The cream or milk of your choice. The heavier/thicker the cream or milk the richer the truffle, but 1% or 2% will be fine if that’s what you’ve got on hand! If you are dairy-free like me, try some canned coconut milk, just be sure to mix the thick top into the separated water bottom. Goat, almond, oat, etc. also work but have slightly different flavors and fat content that will come through differently in the dark chocolate.

  • If you chose not to purchase an ingredient box, you will need:
    • 2x Jar of ¼ cup mixture of 54% and 60% fine Belgian chocolate. This is my preferred mixture, the deepness of the 60% is balanced by the sweetness of the 54%.
    • For this class I suggest pulling out your favorite spice combinations. Some that I love are: cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger; garam masala and crushed peanuts; cumin, cocoa, chili, cinnamon. You can always use ground or instant coffee or a splash of your favorite liquor.
    • Traditional truffles are usually rolled in cocoa powder, powdered sugar or toasted coconut, if you have one of those, that’s great. Otherwise, see what’s in your pantry, you can always go wild and use your favorite chopped nut, cinnamon-sugar or crushed pretzel.