Why Chocolate

I wish I had a splash/bang of a story to tell you, but I think I grew up like many people do, with chocolate being the answer for the color wheel of life: you’re sad, have some chocolate; you’re happy, let’s break out the good chocolate. In my 20’s I traveled the world gathering stories, and recipes, from the people I met. Along the way, I got curious about how chocolate pieces and bars were made. I started to haunt locally owned chocolate shops. I’d meander in and hang around like it was a café, people watching and pretending to be busy. Eventually I’d work up the courage to ask questions about how the treats were made, or where and how the chocolate was sourced. With each new city, and new shop, my curiosity grew.

When I decided it was time to move home to Chicago, I got a job at Katherine Anne Confections, a family-run confiserie, with an owner who gave me a shot despite my resume having no food service experience on it. After working there for two years—learning the ropes of truffles, caramels, and marshmallows—, I knew it was time for my next adventure. I had to let what I learned percolate for a while, and so I did, after a brief stint running a caramel business in Bristol, UK. I spent the next ten years on many other adventures: living abroad, writing poetry, and making a family. Now, I’m back to adventuring with my first love: chocolate. This time, I’m unpacking my trusty backpack full of spices, in my own kitchen. I can’t wait to bring you the bright, smoky, sharp, and sweet flavors that have chased me through the years, and the ones new to me today.

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Who is the Wild Child?

Sarah! While our child thinks she is a wild child, Sarah is the OG wild child ;)

Are your products vegan & dairy-free?

Yes, we are committed to being plant based. Sarah is allergic to dairy so quality control testing would be quite difficult.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our products are naturally gluten free.

Are Wild Child Chocolate products kosher?

Our products are not certified kosher, but are made pareve in a kosher home.

Do your products contain soy?

Yes, all of our products contain soy. We're working on high-quality soy-free chocolate suppliers; if you know of one, we'd love to learn more.

Do your products contain other allergens?

All of our products contain soy. Many of our products have tree nut or peanut ingredients, or may contain traces of nuts. Our products do not contain milk, eggs, fish, or wheat, but are produced in a kitchen where these allergens are present. No shellfish are present in our kitchen.

How should I eat my truffles?

Any way you want! We love to eat them slowly, taking a bite in between sips of coffee in the morning getting energized for your day. The best way to share them with friends is to cut them with a sharp knife and try all of the flavors. Letting them melt in your mouth while watching a show after dinner is good too. But our 2 year old’s way is the best: she takes a small bite, smiles, says “MMMM”, shoves the rest in her mouth, and immediately asks for the next. She’s the best customer (ok a little biased).

How should I store my chocolate?

Please keep our products in a cool environment out of direct sunlight. A shelf or cupboard at room-temperature is totally fine, but refrigerating them in a sealed container or freezing them in a zip-top bag will extend their shelf life. The best way to thaw / warm truffles is to just leave them out on a plate for four hours before serving them at any meal you love or with your afternoon coffee.

Can I buy your chocolate over the summer?

Unfortunately, the logistics of producing & shipping chocolate during the summer is too complex for our little operation at this time. Wild Child Chocolate goes into hiatus in early June until mid-September, but the flavor experiments don’t stop!

Where do you ship?

We ship nationwide, as long as the weather along the entire route from us to you is under 80 degrees (generally October - June).

How does picking up orders work?

We love our local people, so we are proud to offer free local pickup!

Subscription orders will be available at our friends at Cleenland, 89A Norfolk Street, Cambridge on or about the 15th of the month.

A la carte orders will be available at a private address near the Whole Foods on Beacon Street in Somerville (Inman Square) all month long.

As soon as your order is ready, we'll be in touch via email to coordinate your pick-up.

How does delivery work?

We love our local people, and know that sometimes you just need your chocolate delivered. Our delivery fees are below.

The fees are based on distance from Inman Square:

0-2.5 miles = $5 delivery fee; free for orders over $35

2.5-5 miles = $10 delivery fee; free for orders over $60

5-15 miles = $20 delivery fee; free for orders over $120

Be in touch to learn more

How does shipping work?

Right now, we're charging a flat rate of $15 for shipping nationwide. As soon as your order is ready, we'll ship via USPS. Local pickup is always free!

Be in touch if you have specific time constraints to achieve.

How do I prepare drinking chocolate?

It takes less than 5 minutes! Each drinking chocolate mix arrives in a small glass jar. 


  1. Dump contents of jar into a larger microwave-suitable container to reduce mess.
  2. Fill empty jar with milk of your choice.
  3. Add milk to the chocolate already in your microwave-suitable container.
  4. Run the microwave on high for 30 seconds, remove the container and stir the contents with a spoon (caution: container may be hot!).
  5. Microwave on high in 10 second increments, stirring between increments until the drinking chocolate becomes a smooth liquid.
  6. If desired, add additional milk to thin drinking chocolate, then repeat #5 until it reaches the desired temperature.


  1. Dump contents of jar into a small sauce pan.
  2. Fill empty jar with milk of your choice.
  3. Add milk to the chocolate already in your sauce pan.
  4. Heat pan on low, stir frequently. Go slowly to avoid burning!
  5. If desired, add additional milk to thin drinking chocolate, then repeat #4 until it reaches the desired temperature.

Enjoy! Refrigerate and reheat like above if you can’t enjoy it in one session.