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Wild Child Chocolate

Online Truffle Making Workshop

Online Truffle Making Workshop

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Our online chocolate truffle making course is perfect for anyone who wants an introduction into traditional truffle making. Impress friends or family at your next gathering with your hand-made traditional truffles. You can participate in this course from the comfort of your home kitchen.

Our 1.5hr virtual course walks you through traditional truffle making and inspirations for flavor composition with our in-house flavor composer, Sarah Shapiro. This course is accompanied by a kit which comes with the ingredients you need to create, mix, and roll 20 of your own truffles.

To complete this course you will need: a stove and pot, or microwave, the cream or milk of your choice, and a mixing bowl and spatula.

In addition, we provide written instructions for you to keep and take notes on. Our instructions allow anyone to jump in and make the chocolates; but if you are feeling creative, we include a variation guide to help you experiment with new flavors.

Before purchasing be sure you have signed up for the correct date and time. For $39, we will provide you with ingredients to make the full 20 truffle batch with us, plus some extra ingredients for future experimentation (milk excluded). Standard shipping options (pickup/delivery in the Boston area, flat rate USPS shipping) apply; or come pick up your kit at one of our pop-ups! Look out for a link in the order confirmation email with more details on supplies you’ll need available, and how to log on to the course. Attendance without the kit is $60, and the list of ingredients you’ll need can be found at the same link.

In less than 2hrs, you can be enjoying handmade truffles. Can’t wait to share an adventure in taste with you! If you’d rather go at your own pace, check out our DIY Truffle Kit. If you’d rather learn with Sarah in person, check out our in-person truffle making workshop dates.

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